Wecome to django-cratis documentation!

Django-cratis is a tooling layer on top of Django web-framework. It provides strong basement and set of standards, that simplify writing reusable django modules and applications.

Feel some cratis ...

Minimal, doing nothing, but still valid Django application with Cratis looks like this:

# settings.py

from cratis.settings import CratisConfig

class Dev(CratisConfig):
    DEBUG = True
    SECRET_KEY = '8qIcLsQdsbI9OmRUWWnh56Qx1bSnLc'

    FEATURES = (
        # your features here

And run it with couple commands:

$ pip install django-cratis
$ django runserver

Did you noticed?


Where to go from here?

First of all read concepts of django-cratis to understand why Cratis is designed this way and what benefits you will get using it in your projects.

Next, you may be want to hack something with Django cratis?

And, yes ... there is a huge set of open-source Django apps wrapped and combined together to provide you with all the batteries needed to build complex applications.